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First of all, how many foreign companies do not need this card? At least I got this card has never been used after. In fact, oil companies or British companies prefer this certificate, although theoretically this card is recognized by many companies in the world. NEBOSH points different levels, most people test the IGC, International General Certificate. There is a higher level of diploma, that requires a long time to learn, I have not tested, do not say. how to buy  NEBOSH fake diploma, buy  NEBOSH IGC certificate, where to buy  NEBOSH IGC, buy  NEBOSH IGC in Bahrain, buy  NEBOSH IGC in Qatar, 1. Prepare for the exam. It is best to have practical HSE / EHS work experience because the learning content is with the work will encounter something. If you have HSE experience, can help you understand better. This card is a kind of vocational training, and the actual combination of work closely, so the gold content is still very high, and seriously can really learn a lot. 2. Selection of training institutions, As far as I know, there are three qualified institutions in mainland China can provide this training and examination, Beijing two, Shenzhen, buy  NEBOSH IGC certificate in Dubai, buy  NEBOSH fake certificate in UAE, I heard that there are online learning, I have not tried, do not know Details. Every training fee is almost the same, almost no discount. But to learn their own less money, most of the company to provide the cost. As for what these institutions is the name, I will not advertise for others, and their own to see the official website of NEBOSH it. There are some institutions do not get their own qualifications, and then borrow some of the qualifications of foreign institutions to train, the difference should be small. You find the appropriate training institutions to contact people after sales staff, naturally, someone will send you information. 3. English requirements of the training throughout the English, all the teachers are sent over there in the UK. Then your spoken language should be able to communicate with the teacher at least, there are some commonly used terms in the HSE field, if you work in the use of these words will be of great help. For example, what is OHSMS, JSA, Interlock, what is Scaffolding, work at height? The examination requires full handwriting, so there are certain requirements for English writing. how to pass the  NEBOSH IGC exam, how to study  NEBOSH IGC, sample of  NEBOSH IGC certificate,  NEBOSH International diploma sample, buy fake  NEBOSH certificate in UK, buy UK  NEBOSH IGC certificate, But the teacher will emphasize that this test is your understanding of HSE, not your understanding of the English, so even if there is nothing wrong with the word, as long as the teacher can read the reading can be. 4. Training and examinations. This certificate is the training and examination carried out together, a total of two weeks time, the last day of the examination, a written test is divided into two parts, one management, one technology, each half a day. The process of listening to the more painful, you need to spend a lot of time every day to listen to lectures and review, would like to test, then, after 11 o'clock every day to sleep After the written test, there is also a site assessment, is to let you go to a job site to carry out HSE check, find the problem to write a report, and then as an answer to pay up. Before this is also to be completed within two weeks, but now this part of the training can be slowly written after their own, within half a month to pay on the line


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