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The California fire has killed 76 people, buy fake diploma in USA

According to a report by the CBS on the 17th, in the local temporary shelters, many people took pictures of missing relatives to inquire about their whereabouts. According to media reports, the number of casualties will continue to increase, and the number of missing persons may change at any time. It is not excluded that some people who have successfully evacuated are recorded as missing persons because they are “missing” with the official. More than 300 "missing persons" have been confirmed to be safe. buy UC Berkeley fake diploma, buy USA fake degree, how to buy UC Davis fake diploma.
Since the 8th of this month, forest fires have occurred in many places in California, the most serious of which is the Campfire, which is a fire center in Paradise Town. According to CNN, as of the 17th, the Campfire had a fire area of ​​more than 146,000 acres, equivalent to the size of the entire city of Chicago. A total of 5,500 firefighters are fighting to fight the fire, and 50% of the fire is under control. Agence France-Presse said on the 18th that the fire caused nearly 10,000 families to be destroyed, and more than 2,500 other buildings were damaged. where to make UC Los Angeles fake diploma,  buy fake degree in USA.
In addition, dust and smoke from the burning of fires have caused serious air pollution in California. buy fake diploma from New York, buy Washington fake certificate, According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) on the 18th, the non-profit organization Berkeley Earth's air quality data showed that on the morning of the 17th local time, Auckland, northern California, became the world's worst air quality city. According to CNN, San Francisco, Stockton and Sacramento were the three most polluted cities in the world on the morning of the 16th. Most of the local schools chose to suspend classes, and many sports activities were forced to be postponed or cancelled. The public said that the taste in the air "appears to be camping." According to ABC, the researchers said that the pollution caused by mountain fires is similar to that of ordinary urban air pollution, so it may have adverse effects on people.


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