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University of Essex entry requirements, make UK fake diploma

The University of Essex is one of the UK's top universities, with a focus on research and exploration, and is therefore known throughout the country. The school has three campuses. The main campus is on the outskirts of the ancient city of Cochester. It covers an area of ​​about 200 acres and has a teaching building, student residences, shops, banks, theaters (lakeside theatres), art galleries, bars, coffee. Pavilions and sports facilities, many buildings retain the design of the eighteenth century. The school's famous alumni include Congressman Virginia Bottomley, former Costa Rican president, Nobel laureate Dr. Oscar Arias, Mexico's first and only astronaut Dr. Rodolfo Neri Vela. The motto of the school is from the "thought the harder, heart the keener". There are more than 9,600 international students from more than 130 countries. buy fake diploma in Hong kong, obtain University of Essex fake diploma, how to get a University of Essex fake transcript, University of Essex fake diploma order, University of Essex degree for sale.
The University of Essex has 4 colleges and a total of 16 departments. In the ongoing official survey, the University of Essex has consistently ranked in the top 10 in the RAE (Research Assessment Exercise) rankings for its outstanding achievements in the field of research. buy University of Essex fake diploma online, where to make University of Essex fake diploma, buy UK fake certificate, how to buy University of Essex fake diploma.
Application request
IELTS score requirements: Accept TOEFL score: Accept
GMAT score: No need for SAT score: No GRE score: No
The list of regular application materials* is subject to the requirements of the school and the applicant's own application conditions. For special circumstances, it is recommended to consult the mustard study consultant.
1. Application fee: Most UK universities are required to submit an application fee, usually ranging from 50-200 pounds.
2, language transcript: mainly refers to IELTS scores.
3. Certificate of graduation, degree certificate or proof of school in Chinese and English.
4. Apply for a master's degree program, submit at least 6 semester academic transcripts, complete the complete transcript after graduation, and graduate students directly submit complete transcripts; apply for undergraduate courses, need to submit A-LEVEL or IB scores; apply for undergraduate preparatory courses Courses, you need to submit a two-year high school transcript for the first two years or high school.
5. Personal statement (PS).
6. Two letters of recommendation: students with work experience, a letter of recommendation from a work unit, a letter of recommendation from a school teacher, and a student in a senior year: two letters of recommendation from a teacher.
7. The rewards and relevant qualifications obtained by the applicant during the school period (provincial awards will be helpful for applications, such as articles published in provincial publications, or awards for social activities at or above the provincial level).
8. Applicants who have already worked need to submit proof of work.
Fee (£): 25,400 ~ 30,900
Annual tuition, accommodation, textbooks and other expenses
Tuition fee 11,500 ~ 13,500
Accommodation fee 4,900 ~ 6,400
Other expenses 9,000
All students: 11,000
International student ratio: 23%
Employment rate: 51%


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