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University of Auckland application conditions

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University of Auckland is one of the top 100 universities in the world. Founded in 1883, it is located in Auckland, New Zealand's largest city. buy University of Auckland fake diploma, fake University of Auckland degree, make University of Auckland fake certificate, buy fake diploma, buy fake degreeWith 7 campuses, it is New Zealand's largest comprehensive university with teaching and research, and is ranked first in New Zealand and is known as New Zealand. The “National Treasure” University is a world-class research university with a high international reputation. As a leading centre for higher education and research in the Asia Pacific region, the University of Auckland's research and results account for more than 70% of New Zealand's nationwide. At present, there are 5,000 teachers and 42,000 students, including 6,000 international students. Among them, there are 8,000 masters and 3,000 doctors. The University of Auckland is known for its research in a variety of basic disciplines. The most famous departments are computer, civil engineering, architecture and planning, medicine, pharmacy, education, media, etc., and the business school has three certifications: AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA.
The University of Auckland is located in the heart of Auckland, the international metropolis. Auckland is New Zealand's largest, most dynamic and most productive city. Auckland, with a population of 1.2 million, combines European, Maori, Pacific Island countries and Asian cultures to create a colorful city life. The convenient and convenient location of the transportation greatly facilitates the students who rely on public transportation to shuttle through the city. The campus of the University of Auckland reflects the characteristics of urban life, elegant outdoor living spaces, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, parks, high-end clothing stores and handicraft shops. In addition, within a 15-minute drive you can also enjoy a few beautiful beaches that Aucklanders are proud of. buy UK fake diploma, buy fake degree in Thailand.
University of Auckland application conditions:
University of Auckland undergraduate:
Education requirements: Complete ACG or Taylors College Foundation in New Zealand, with a score of 230 or more, English or B or 70%; or a first year in China with a score of 80 or above, with rich practical experience (international competition) Or volunteers, etc.; various types of special certificates;
English requirements: minimum required IELTS 6.0, each door is not less than 5.5 points, TOEFL 550/215, of which education requires IELTS 7 points, and each door is not less than 7 points; film and television professional 6 points, single subject is not less than 6 Minute;
Passport or birth justice: Both can be either at the same time or one.
University of Auckland Graduate:
Education requirements: a bachelor's degree from a regular university with a score of 75-80 or above (a slightly higher requirement for business schools, and a relatively easy application for liberal arts and sciences);
English requirements: IELTS: 6.5 or above, each door is not less than 6.0 points, TOEFL 90, writing no less than 22. English grades can be read first without English scores;
Proof of work experience (related to the professional application) (Chinese and English documents);
Passport or birth justice: Both can be either at the same time or one.


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