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What is the hottest professional in Australia in 2020?

What topics are of high concern, such as climate change, cybersecurity, depletion of natural resources, renewable energy, robotics, cloud computing, big data, shared economy and population aging, are all changing the direction of our current work, It is also the vane of future career development. Zhaolong following Xiaobian talk to you to study in Australia, the next few years the most popular work will be what?
Network security expert
Network security experts will become indispensable high-end talent
The Australian government has a budget of more than $ 1 billion every year to maintain and upgrade cyber security facilities. With the popularization of the Internet and hackers' wanton rampage, cybersecurity experts have become a hot job. This occupational demand has grown far beyond technology, entertainment, telecommunications, banking, finance and accounting industries, which means there will be a broader career with cybersecurity credentials. buy fake diploma online, make UK fake degree.
According to PayScale's statistics, the current average annual salary of Australian cybersecurity engineers is about 100,000 Australian dollars. It is estimated that demand for intelligence and cybersecurity engineers will increase by 21.4% over the next five years.
Finance and accounting occupation is still thriving
There are many types of finance and accounting career, including accountants, financial analysts and actuary and so on.
With the continuous development of artificial intelligence, more and more people are worried that the accounting profession will disappear from history. However, most people overlook the problem that artificial intelligence can not replace human thinking and business analysis. Nowadays, accountants' work is not simple bookkeeping. More importantly, it is to conduct business report analysis and provide data support for the company's development plan. get a fake diploma.
According to PaySacle's statistics, the current average annual salary of accountants in Australia about 73,000 Australian dollars, is still high-paying industries.
The higher-paying job, on the other hand, was an actuary with an average annual salary of $ 102,000. The actuary's work, more emphasis on risk assessment and analysis, for those who like finance and mathematics, the actuary's work will be the best choice.
t is estimated that the demand for personnel in the entire finance and accounting industry will increase by 22% by 2020.
Medical and health professionals
Demand for health professionals will grow as the population ages
At the same time, the problem of population aging gradually emerges, and the medical and pension system is facing a severe test. At this point, the importance of staff in the public health and hygiene industry is highlighted. Public health and sanitation workers in the main work include the establishment of the medical security system, medical services prosecutors, public health control and comprehensive system improvements. It is estimated that the demand for health and community service professionals will grow by 40% by 2020. fake USA diploma order, purchase fake Aus certificate.
Creative, media and marketing professionals
Demand for creative, media and marketing professionals will also grow
As the Internet and emerging media continue to grow and evolve, the entire media industry is now accelerating its pace of shuffling and growth. From the traditional paper media to today's electronic or networked media, practitioners are increasingly seeking practitioners, including Thinking patterns and expertise. It is estimated that the demand for advertising and marketing professionals will increase by 15% by 2020.
Engineers, lawyers and teachers
The world still needs engineers, lawyers and teachers
The world is evolving and many emerging industries emerge, yet it is permanent for basic industries such as lawyers, teachers and engineers. Internet from 3G to 4G to the upcoming market 5G, all can not do without the communication engineer's effort and effort. Lawyers and teachers, the two occupations, will be the key to maintaining the orderly and orderly development of this society.
By studying engineering courses, you can become a communication engineer, an electrical and mechanical engineer, etc. By studying law, you can become a commercial lawyer, a civil lawyer, etc. You can become a kindergarten teacher, a primary and secondary school teacher or an English teacher through study and education Wait.
No matter what field you want to be a leader, Australia will provide you with the best education and practice opportunities. Professionals such as IT, finance, medicine, education and media have always been the trump card of Australian universities. A sound education system and world-class research and research capabilities are all building on your future.


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