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make FOM fake diploma, buy FOM fake degree, FOM fake certificate, how to get a FOM fake diploma, buy FOM bachelor fake degree, how to obtain FOM fake diploma&transcript, Founded in 1993, FOM is co-organized by the Essen Entrepreneur Association, the Retail Industry Association, the Federation of Wholesale and Foreign Trade Industries, and the Regional (Essen-Mühlheim-Oberhausen) Chamber of Commerce and Industry. These agencies represent key players in the German energy supply, retail and services, chemical and glass manufacturing and metal power industries, ranging from local SMEs to large multinational conglomerates. Official approval of the government. In 2006, the Bachelor's degree and Master of Business Administration were successfully accredited by the FIBAA International Business Management Curriculum Assessment Foundation, one of the highest degree accreditation bodies in Germany. how much for FOM fake diploma, FOM fake diploma order, FOM fake degree for sale, buy fake diploma from FOM, In addition, FOM University was accredited by the German Science Federation of Wissenschaftsrat, Germany's highest academic certification body, in 2004 as an applied science university. The setting of practical subjects is the main advantage of the school. By studying at school, students can not only improve soft skills such as presentation skills, teamwork, time management, but also learn the expertise that can be directly applied to their daily work. In addition, students will benefit from communication with other students and graduates who are professionals. Many well-known companies such as Siemens, Bertelsmann Media Group, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom, etc. have combined FOM University's teaching with their senior staff training programs. It is precisely because many students are already industry executives that this has established a good and close relationship between FOM University and the business community.


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