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Sam Houston State University degree
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Sam Houston State University (commonly known as SHSU or Sam) is a public university in Huntsville, Texas. It was established in 1879 and is an old public university in Texas. It is one of the oldest institutions dedicated to teaching teachers. It is also the first such institution in Texas.
The Sam Houston State University campus was originally home to Austin College. Austin College is a Presbyterian institution that moved to Sherman, Texas in 1876. The Austin Concert Hall was built in 1851 and is still operating the Western Mississippi University building. It was renovated in 2012. It is now used for special meetings and events. It is worth noting that Sam Houston personally participated in and participated in the original design of the building. Fake degree, fake diploam, fake documents. Buy a degree, buy a diploma, buy a certificate. Phony degree, Make an American diploma. Make an American university degree.
Created according to the legislation signed by Governor Oran M. Roberts on San Jacinto Day on April 21, 1879, the specific goal of Sam Houston Normal Institute Is to train teachers in Texas public schools. It is the first normal school in the southwestern United States. On October 10 of the same year, the first class of 110 students and 4 teachers began to teach. The school's first principal, Bernard Mallon, died 11 days after the school opened.
The academic departments and programs of Sam Houston State University are divided into eight colleges: Business Administration. School of Criminal Justice. School of Education. College of Arts and Media. Humanities and Social Sciences college. College of Science and Engineering Technology. School of Health Sciences. College of Osteopathic Medicine.


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