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Where to Purchase Fake UC Berkeley Diploma Certificate, Buy University of California-Berkeley diploma certificate. Historically, the University of California, Berkeley, buy fake diploma online, where the land was purchased by the private College of California in 1866 (College of California) bought, but because of the shortage of funds, the College was the state's agricultural, mining and mechanical engineering college merged in 1868 On March 23, the University of California was established as the predecessor of the University of California system and the first full-time public university in California. The school began in September 1869 enrollment,  make USA diploma, make a degree, buy fake USA diploma, make transcript from USA. Buy Diploma, buy UC Berkeley certificate, buy UC Berkeley bachelor degree, when the school a total of 10 faculty and 40 students. At the time, as the University of California director Frederick H. Billings proposed to commemorate the 18th century's greatest philosopher George Berkeley (George Berkeley, the name of the city of Berkeley is also to mark the great man), in the school name In Berkeley, officially changed its name to the University of California at Berkeley. buy a UC Berkeley degree, UC Berkeley degrees, how much to buy fake UC Berkeley certificate, usa transcript, Buy degree certificate, fake diploma, fake degree, Buy bachelor degree,  In 1870 by the school founder Henry Durant served as the first president. In 1873, when North Hall and South Hall completed, the school officially moved to the new location in the city of Berkeley. The first session consisted of 167 male and 222 female students. Since 1891, Phoebe Apperson Hearst, a Californian millionaire, has continued to contribute to Berkeley, fake certificate, fake transcript, make a diploma, University of California-Berkeley degree, buy University of California-Berkeleytranscript. buy University of California-Berkeley degree, buy fake University of California-Berkeley bachelor degree, which has enabled schools to develop new disciplines and new teaching facilities.


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